The Diary of Anne Frank



The Diary of Anne Frank is the story of a 13-year-old Jewish girl and her family who are forced into hiding by the Nazis during World War II.


The students will research information about Anne Frank found on various websites and complete a specific task.


From the tasks below, each two-person team will complete the Diary component and write a newspaper article.:


One person will be responsible for the Diary Entries. The other person will be responsible for the newspaper article. Following the completion of these tasks, the group will organize their work into a MovieMaker Project. The finished movie will be posted on Mrs. Holmes' Communication Arts webpage.


Anne Frank - Official Website


Resources - Holocaust Enrichment and the Internet

Maps of the holocaust (

United States Holocaust Museum education guide

Hitler ( This site offers a wealth of information about Hitler and his rise to power.

The Holocaust from provides this section of their 20th Century History site with hundreds of historic photographs of camps, ghetto life, Nazi officials, and more. There are also numerous articles about the Holocaust, a timeline of the Holocaust, a glossary of terms related to Holocaust studies, and a map and chart of the Nazi concentration and death camps.

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Learning Center
The Learning Center is a new feature from the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. The Web site offers many resources, including about 140 brief articles written in house. In addition, there are 41 artifact images, 103 documentary film footage clips, 162 oral history testimony segments, 202 maps, 28 thematic chronologies, and 917 historical photographs. The Learning Center is designed to appeal to educators, as well as members of the general public. (

Holocaust 1 ( Pictures from Warsaw Ghetto (places all Jews were forced to live surrounded by barbed wire or walls) Click on pictures to bring the image up close.

Holocaust 2 ( Auschwitz~Birkenau (concentration camp in Poland) images. Scroll down and click on first image. Read and follow direction arrows to the end.

Holocaust 3 ( Images of Concentration Camps in Europe. Click on links to view images. There are lots of links here and are in this order: A) Before the Storm (election of Hitler - 1932); B) It Starts (the beginnings of the Holocaust) C) Shoah (Hebrew word for catastrophe); D) Liberation (the end and what the world found)


Individuals will be evaluated by means of a rubric.

Maximum Point Value
Diary Entries (2)
Grammar, spelling, creativity
Photos, music, creativity
Newspaper Article
Grammar, spelling, creativity



After researching information from the various websites and completing one of the tasks in this WebQuest, it is hoped that students will gain a better understanding of the Holocaust and Anne Frank's life in hiding.